3 best Selfies in Seattle

Seattle Selfie location
TST guests pose for an amazing selfie

Best free viewpoints in Seattle for a photo op

When visiting a new city, there a few things more satisfying than snapping that perfect selfie. These are the best places in Seattle to get the perfect Instagram photo.

#1 – Kerry Park

It is no secret. Kerry Park is one of the most amazing views in Seattle. Perched high up on the 450 foot incline of Queen Anne Hill, Kerry Park overlooks the iconic Space Needle, Elliot Bay, Mount Rainier (if the Mountain is out) and the plethora of skyscrapers that make up downtown Seattle. This is a necessary stop for any Seattle Photography Tour. If you are on a Totally Seattle tour, have your guide take a photo of you and your entire group for your family photo album. If you are not on a tour, be certain to snap that essential Seattle Selfie to post to your Instagram page.

Pro tip – Sit on the “Changing Forms” sculpture. The Changing Forms structure was installed as a public work of art in 1969 by Doris Totten Chase. This sculpture can be used to frame up the Space Needle, Mount Rainier or other landmarks in the background. While Kerry Park is usually pretty crowded, especially in the summer time, that doesn’t mean you should bypass this opportunity to take in this essential Seattle View.

#2 – Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Totally Seattle Selfie at Dr. Jose Rizal Park
Seattle Selfie material
Dr. Jose Rizal Park on a clear day is ideal for your Instagram feed

Dr. Jose Rizal Park is in the southern section of Seattle and is a far less popular viewpoint than Kerry Park. Rather than having the Space Needle dominate the Seattle Selfie, this public Seattle viewpoint overlooks where the city was founded. The new stadiums Century Link Field and T-Mobile Park on the shores of Elliot Bay dominate the scene. On a clear day you can see the Olympic Mountain Range just past Bainbridge Island. To the right you will see the most iconic skyscrapers the Smith Tower and the Columbia Center. In addition both of these buildings have observation decks that I touched on in a previous post.

Pro Tip – This view should not be missed but I do recommend going in the daytime. Often times this park is frequented by a less than desirable crowd. While I don’t think the park is dangerous to visit, most visitors to the city will feel more comfortable during daylight hours.

#3 – View from the Bainbridge Island Ferry Boat

Ferry Cruise on Elliot Bay
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OK. While this view is not technically free ($8.50 round trip per adult) it is cheap enough to warrant a spot on this list. Besides, the money you spend on your Washington State Ferry ticket is not just for the view from the upper deck. You not only receive a 35 minute one way crossing over the tranquil waters of Elliot Bay, you also visit the charming Bainbridge Island and its downtown core, the town of Winslow. Once on the ferry boat, you are free to take in the Seattle Views and snap some selfies. You can also just hang out in the galley and sip on local beer, wine or coffee on the way to the Island community. The whole adventure is about 4-6 hours depending on how long you explore Winslow. This makes it more of a Seattle half-day trip.

Seattle Selfie on the Ferry Boat to Bainbridge

Pro Tip – Once you are on board, take the time to go up to the sun deck for unobstructed Seattle views. Consequently you can also choose to sit inside at either end of the boat to take in the panoramic views. Furthermore the Ivar’s clam chowder that they serve on-board is a necessary experience as well.