50 Things to do in Seattle -#40

#40 – The Seattle Wishing Tree

On Totally Seattle Private Tours we often swing by this #hiddengem when exploring the old homes at the Northern end of Capitol Hill neighborhood near Volunteer Park. The owner of the tree is a local resident who not only has made the board on which to attach your wish, but also a table, tree stumps as seats, a table, markers, and cards. After you have written your wish or words of gratitude on your card, you are to place it in a small gold jar on the table and the owner takes time out of her day to laminate your card (to ensure rainy Seattle Weather doesn’t destroy it) and add it to the board. There is nothing commercial going on here, just a homeowner who since 2014 has provided an opportunity to everyone in Seattle to put something out into the universe in hopes it will be one day be answered. It is a great representation of #seattleculture at its finest. Images of the cards are posted on The Wishing Tree Seattle Facebook page#wishingtreeseattle