50 Things to do in Seattle – #48

#48 – Visit Bainbridge Island!

OK, I may be biased because I grew up here but Bainbridge is an absolute must when it comes to a half day trip in Seattle. Expect to spend about 3-6 hours here depending on what you want to see and how many meals you want to have on “the Rock.” Vogue Magazine called Bainbridge “The Nantucket of the West in 2016.”

Winslow Way is the Main Street that runs through Bainbridge Island’s downtown and is situated immediately off the ferry boat landing. Bainbridge is one of the larger islands in #pugetsound at 5 miles wide by 10 miles long and has about 25k residents. It is a great place to explore, grab a meal or just a cup of coffee before heading back to Seattle for the day. Commercial and residential development is strictly monitored and large corporations have a hard time finding their way into the downtown core as the island focuses on maintaining its individuality and supporting local small businesses. Accessible by only a 35 minute ferry ride, Bainbridge Island is a must for any Seattle visitors looking to escape city life for an afternoon. Just try to avoid the boat rides between 4-6pm Monday through Friday. We would love to guide you through a day on the Island from a true local, you would need to check out our Full Luxury Private Tours to do so.