Totally Seattle Tours is under new ownership

Totally Seattle Tours has been the premier private tour company in Seattle for over a decade. In May of 2019 Colin Perceful purchased the business from its previous owner Kay Rodriguez. Colin was born in Seattle but raised just a quick 35 minute ferry ride away on Bainbridge Island. His upbringing on Bainbridge, in the middle of the Puget Sound ingrained a deep love for the Pacific Northwest. Therefor a tremendous pride in the city of Seattle evolved.

Colin Perceful is the new owner and CEO of Totally Seattle Tours. He is pictured here while conducting a Skagit Valley Tulip Tour.

History of the transition of ownership

For nearly 6 years Colin was a hotel concierge at the The Four Seasons Seattle. That hotel is the only 5 star property in Washington State. Kay was always the first choice or the Four Seasons guests who came to town and wanted exclusive private Seattle tours of Seattle. Without fail, she always delivered by delighting his guests with her unique tours that catered to their interests as a group. Colin loved working with the guests and learning more about his city by working as a concierge.

As Colin became comfortable in his role as member of the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association, he began to dream of being his own boss. However, he was uncertain of what kind of business he would like to embark upon. After careful consideration guiding people through the city that was his first true love began to consume him. He began to write a business plan to start his own private Seattle tour company. Upon calling Kay on the phone to reconfirm a private Seattle Tour for one of his guests Kay, blurted out “I’m selling my business Colin and I think you’d be a great new owner. Are you at all interested in running a Seattle Tour Company?” Colin replied “Funny you should ask Kay. Because I’m currently in the process of writing up a plan to become your competition.” As a result, Totally Seattle began its next transition.

Totally Seattle Tour van in front of Four Seasons Seattle

Because of that call ball began rolling on that day in January. Subsequently just four short months later Colin was the legal owner of the business Totally Seattle Tours. In conclusion, Kay still works on a part time basis for the company. Utilizing her many years of experience and fluent Spanish to acclimate visitors to Seattle. Colin has taken the lead by re-branding the image of the company while growing it into the most exclusive private tour that the city of Seattle has to offer.

Previous owner and Totally Seattle (Spanish) Tour guide Kay Rodriguez