Why We Love Giving Private Tours of Seattle & the Puget Sound Area

Totally Seattle

“Being a Seattle local, born and raised, is a point of pride for me. There are so many unique traits that gives this area such a high quality of life. We want to show our guests what makes this region so wonderful. That’s why I love giving private Seattle tours. Because it allows me the freedom to not only explain to our guests what makes this city great. It allows allows the ability to SHOW it to them.” – Colin Perceful

The Benefits of a Private Tours

Our focus is on giving our guests the best Private Seattle Tours that the city has to offer. Private tours are the best way to see a new city. A dedicated local guide provides a custom experience so guests get to see what they want to see. In a public tour setting there are a lot different expectations to cater to. A private tour there is only your expectations we focus on.

Totally Seattle guests can do what they want to do and move at the pace they want to move at. Our guides are there to show you landmarks and educate you on the history of the region. We customize your Seattle tour experience to the interests of your group. Your personal guide will take you on a journey to educate you on the region’s culture, history, geography and architecture.

Seattle’s Geography is just the start…

The Mountains of the Pacific Northwest

Mount Rainier from Seattle
Mt. Rainier from Myrtle Edwards Park

Seattle is sandwiched between TWO mountain ranges (the Cascades and the Olympics.) The Cascade Mountains begin in Southern British Columbia and stretch all the way to Northern California.

Within this mountain range you will find numerous active volcanoes. The most prominent is Mount Rainier which on a clear day is visible from the city. Mount Rainier is 14,414 feet tall. However, this giant can not be seen if it is cloudy or rainy. That is why on a beautiful day in Seattle we don’t say it is nice out. Instead, we say “the mountain is out.”

On clear days such as this, we love taking our tour guests to viewpoints to take in this majestic view. Our #InstagramSeattle Photography Tour is a perfect vehicle to show people these perfect photo opportunities. But you better have a high powered lens if you want Mount Rainier to show up.

Skiing, snowboarding and hiking oh my!

With mountain ranges so close to our city center skiing and snowboarding is widely popular. Both K2 and REI are headquartered in Seattle among other prominent outdoor companies. We can be on a ski lift in less than an hour drive from downtown Seattle. In addition, when summer arrives and the snow melts away, those mountains make for some of the best hiking in the country within some of the world’s best national parks.

Our most popular private Seattle tour for viewing the mountains and hiking is on our Snoqualmie Falls Tour. On this tour we head east of the city towards the Cascades to view the sacred 268 foot falls. We can even spend time at the beautiful Salish Lodge.

The region became famous during the early 1990’s when David Lynch chose to film his cult classic TV drama “Twin Peaks.” If you are a fan of the show, we can also show you all the famous shooting locations the famed director chose.

Seattle’s Waterways

Young boy on a Private Seattle Tour viewing the fish ladder at the Ballard Locks
Fish ladder at the Locks

The water that surrounds Seattle tells as much of the story of the city as its industry does. As such, The Puget Sound, Elliot Bay, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Duwamish Waterway, Lake Washington Ship Canal and Greenlake are all bodies of water that have great significance on shaping our city. Furthermore they also provide unsurpassed natural beauty to the city.

The natural resources they provide also keep our local wildlife populations well fed and happy. The Ballard Locks, opened in 1917, are an excellent example of how our waterways shaped our industries and developed our city. In addition, the locks are a fantastic example of how our wildlife is in balance with our city’s industry. Making sure we stop at the Locks in one of our Private Seattle City Tours is essential, especially when the Salmon are running in the summer.

A stop to see the fishing boats at Fisherman's terminal are always possible on our Private Seattle Tours
Commercial fishing boats in the calm water of Fishermens Terminal

Seattle’s waterways and the way the early pioneers modified them enabled the expanded development of our city. It spurred the development of Seattle’s fishing, timber, boating and aviation industries. From the installation of the Locks near Shilshole Bay to the widening of the Duwamish River, the waters that surround us tell so much of our history.

On our way out to the Locks, we are always free to stop at the Fisherman’s terminal. The history of the region’s waterways and industry can be explained by all Totally Seattle Guides during your tour experience.

Popular Landmarks of the City

There are too many attractions that the city has to offer to list in one blog post. What follows below is just a taste of what can be expected on any Totally Seattle Tour. The following stops are always included on Private Seattle Tours at no additional cost.

The Pike Place Market

  • Gum Wall
  • Pike Place produce Vendors

The Pike Place Market, often referred to as the “Soul of Seattle” is something that you must experience while visiting the Pacific Northwest. The 113 year old Farmer’s Market is the longest continuously operating market in the country that attracts over 15 million visitors per year. Among the day stall vendors, fish stands, produce stands and over 500 small businesses make this the most dense attraction Seattle has to offer.

There is so much history and hidden gems here. And the food, OMG the FOOD!! Experiencing it without being on a private Seattle Walking Tour means you will most assuredly miss the significance of this cherished institution. Did you know there are FIVE LEVELS of shopping in the Market? Summer crowds can get overwhelming and parking is hard to come by. For this reason a Luxury Private Seattle Tour is highly recommended to get the full experience.

The Amazon Campus

From inside the Amazon Spheres

Seattle is the corporate headquarters and cradle of Amazon.com. We will be certain to show you the most famous symbols of this tech behemoth and lead discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of having a company like this in the center of our city.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square Iron Pergola

This national historic district is probably the most significant portion of Seattle when it comes to learning about the city’s growth. The corner of 1st Avenue and Yesler was the focal point from which the rest of the city developed. From the early days of Seattle’s timber industry to the Alaska Yukon Gold Rush, Seattle’s Pioneer Square was always at the center of it all.

International District

Gardens are at the center of the Japanese culture

Its easy to refer to the International District as Chinatown. The area is rich with culture; a neighborhood to people from China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and many other Asian cultures.

Our guides will share the stories, explain the culture and lead you on an adventure of history, art, innovation and maybe even lead you to the worlds oldest underground speakeasy. Plus get the insider information on the best restaurants in the neighborhood!

The Stadium District

Century Link Field – Home of the Seahawks and Sounders

Located just south of Pioneer Square, T-Mobile Park and Century Link Field are where the Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders play their games. After the Kingdome was demolished in 2000, these state-of-the-art stadiums went up to usher in a new age in Seattle Sports. Our guides can show you the up close view without actually purchasing a ticket to the game. We would also be more than happy to tell you the story of the legendary Beast Quake

The Seattle Center

  • Space Needle and Glass
  • MoPop
  • Seattle Center

The Seattle Center was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. The most recognizable portion of this 64 acre park is the Space Needle. The area is comprised of many tourist attractions such as the Chihuly Garden and Glass, MoPop, The Pacific Science Center, International Fountain, Key Arena to name a few.

While it is free to walk around the grounds, tickets must be purchased to get access. Your tour guide will purchase tickets for your group in advance for easy and convenient access during your tour. In contrast we can also end the tour here so that you can continue your sightseeing after the Totally Seattle Private Tour has ended. You will likely need at least three hours to fully explore this portion of the city.

Kerry Park

Taking in the view from Kerry Park is an essential stop on all Totally Seattle Private Tours
View of downtown Seattle skyline from Kerry Park

Widely considered the best viewpoint in Seattle. Albert and Catherine Kerry donated this land to the city in 1927 “so that all who stop here may enjoy its view.” This is most certainly a stop on all Totally Seattle Photography and city tours. In addition to this view, if the mountain is out on the day you visit, you will get an epic view of Mount Rainier. This is certainly the most “Instagram-able” points in the city.

Add a Little Extra Adventure to Your Tour

All our tours are a three hour minimum. With so much to see and learn in the city’s core, we can’t fit it all in. However, additional hours can be added to any tour should you want to explore more. Your Seattle experience is completely customized! Lastly keep in mind all tours are private, bespoke experiences. Please let us know if you would prefer to see any of the following attractions or add them to your tour itinerary. Tickets can always be purchased in advance to enhance your Totally Seattle Experience. As a result we can add anything to our time together. Whether it be a ride in a helicopter or a ticket to the Space Needle, The Skyview Observatory, The Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit or anything else that you must experience while in the Emerald city. Totally Seattle Tours has you covered!

  • Seattle Public Library
  • Gasworks Park
  • University of Washinton