50 Things to do in Seattle – #36

#36 – The Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat on Lake Union

Nestled up on the Eastern shores of Lake Union is the houseboat from the classic 90’s RomCom “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Now this houseboat is just one of over 500 parked on the lake, making it the largest houseboat community in the country. Its not easy to find (even with binoculars) when standing on the north shore of the lake at Gasworks Park. The famous & unique dwelling sold in 2014 for over $2 million. At 2,200 square feet, this is the largest houseboat in the entire Lake Union community and certainly the most famous. 

We here at Totally Seattle Tours know where to find it but getting this photo was tricky to capture as it is highly frowned upon to walk into these communities without being invited. It is much like walking into someone’s fenced off back yard without an invitation but years ago we had a guest who was a huge fan of the film and we decided to risk being ostracized from the community to make her Private Seattle Tour Experience everything she ever hoped it would be. We are willing to do the same for you and your group should any members of your party be die hard Sleepless in Seattle fans, but just know we might get busted by the property manager in the process and get kicked out.