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Choose a Charter Tour or Step-on Tour Guide Service for a truly custom experience!

Allow Totally Seattle provide a local expert to guide your group through Seattle’s most popular attractions!

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Charter Tour Experience

Rather than take one of our crafted Northwest tour experiences, the Custom Charter Experience allows you to secure a vehicle & guide at a base hourly rate with a four-hour minimum.

We can help you craft & create an itinerary & experience exclusive only to the things you want to do. Ideal for corporate groups. Pick the vehicle you want based on your number of passengers. Pick where you want to go and what you want to see. Let us know what you are interested in so we can create an experience to match your interests. Add one of our many enhancers to create an ideal experience.

The tour is uniquely tailored to the passions and interests of the guests offering an insight into what is happening in the Northwest as far away from crowds as we can get. All facets of the experience are private & away from anyone outside of your group. Allow us to create a full day or multi-day experience including lodging, transportation, food & memorable experiences.

The Sky is the limit so dream big & allow Totally Seattle Tours to make those dreams come true.

Contact for details and pricing based on the specifics of your group.

"Step-On" Sightseeing Guide Service

Book your local Seattle Tour guide to board your vehicle & show your group the true culture of the Emerald City by highlighting the historical landmarks of the city. Every tour route is customized to the specific needs & interests of the group. 

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