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Hire one of our local experts to accompany your group on your pre-arranged transportation. One guide can host up to 45 passengers. All rates include gratuity for your guide.

Our Step-on Our Step-on Tour Guide Service, is just what it sounds, a local guide to step on to your vehicle and guide you through the region. We will plan a route and advise the driver where to go, where to park & how to best navigate the personalized tour route. 

We keep your group entertained & educated throughout our entire time on the bus, maximizing the time your group has to explore the city. Every tour is customized to the needs, interests & mobility levels of your group.

Tell us what you want to see in advance & we will make it happen. Our guide will board your vehicle wherever it is most convenient for you & will disembark at a location within the city convenient for you. See all of the city & local areas through the eyes of a local.

Step-On Tour

Step-On Guide Service

About Allow Totally Seattle to provide a local expert to guide your group through Seattle's most popular attractions!

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