50 Things to do in Seattle – #38

#38 – Pier 86 Louis Dreyfus Grain Terminal

OK, let’s not get confused about this. If you have never heard of this before, I’m not surprised. The grain terminal isn’t nearly as popular as the Space Needle or other well known Seattle attractions. But the structure is enormous so it seems appropriate to list it as something to see or do in Seattle. 

On Totally Seattle private tours, this is certainly one structure we get more questions about than most simply because of the sheer size of it. It’s a hard building NOT to notice. The #pier86graintermimal is a fully electronic grain elevator that imports grains like corn, wheat and barley from inland #pnw via rail cars and trucks and then exports them via cargo ships primarily to our Asian trade Partners. The terminal was completed in 1970 and is owned and operated by the @portofseattle Once the shipping vessels arrive the grain can be loaded to them via twin 48” conveyor belts at a max rate of 3,000 tons per hour. The silos site right on the shores of Elliott Bay next to the brand new Expedia campus.