50 Things to do in Seattle – #42

#42 – Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center

In a pre-covid era, Totally Seattle Tours was offering a Northwest Native Art and Cultural Tours. But today, the main stops on that tour are closed to the public. The hope is that one day we can offer the opportunity to our guests the opportunity to learn more about the original inhabitants of this land. 

The @duwamishlonghouse celebrates the tribe of the Duwamish, the First Nation people who inhabited the land that is now the city of Seattle when the first settlers arrived. Humans started inhabiting this area starting at the end of the last glacial period about 10,000 years ago. The chief of the Duwamish was named Si’ahl, (aka Chief Sealth, aka Chief Seattle) for whom the city is named. Seattle is actually the largest city in the world named after a Native American. The Duwamish are also the largest native tribe that is still not recognized by the United States Government

They forfeited their lands along with all other tribes of the #pnw in the 1855 treaty of Point Elliott in exchange for reservation lands and fishing rights. At one point the Duwamish had been driven to the brink of extinction but the culture is now being nurtured within the city and the walls of this cultural center. You are able to support this displaced culture by donating to their Real Rent initiative.