Why we love giving Private Seattle Tours

I took over as owner of Totally Seattle Tours in the Spring of 2019. Two decades of professional experience in luxury hospitality in New York and Seattle prepared me for the venture. Seven years at the Four Seasons Seattle made me confident in how to cater to luxury traveller. 2019 was an incredible experience with success and a lot of learning. Things are much different in 2020. I don’t need to dwell on the specifics, but Totally Seattle Tours, like everyone in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is experiencing challenges. Our entire industry is reeling from the pandemic. Through it all Totally Seattle Tours has remained available for Private Tours of Seattle. 

Why? Wouldn’t it just be easier to shut down all operations until travel levels return?

Probably, but the fact is that I absolutely love giving Private Seattle Tours. Greeting people from out of town and acclimating them to my city is a privilege. I take it very seriously. 

Everyone whose profession has been effected by COVID should realize by now that working is a privilege, not a right. Our “jobs” or “business” isn’t something we HAVE to do, its something we GET to do. For me, giving visitors a feel for what Seattle is, through the eyes of a local, is more fun than I ever thought it could be. 

The truth is that my focus has always been to give upper-class travellers a unique experience. As a guide, boutique experiences that are customized to each individual group is far more fun than driving the same route and reading the same script day in and day out. For potential clients travelling during this pandemic, this business model is and will continue to be more in demand as travel increases. 

Totally Seattle Private Tours on the other hand, keep you isolated from the general public. We pick you up where you want to be picked up and drop you off where you wish. Your guide wears gloves and a mask at all times. We have PPE avaialable at all times for all members of your group. A polycarbon partition separates your driver from the rest of your group. Vans are meticulously cleaned prior to every tour. Our vehicles only offer experiences for 5 passengers or less which is in accordance with Washington State Law at the time of this post. 

If you are travelling to Seattle, please contact us. My passion is creating Northwest experiences that cater to the interests of my clients. I love giving people an honest sense of what this city is all about. Afterall, that’s why I committed to operating this company in the first place. Please let us show you why Totally Seattle Tours is the best private tour company in Seattle.